We are passionately committed to forming the youth entrusted to us into disciples of Jesus.  We do this in three interconnected ways: First by calling them into worship (through our liturgies and service as Acolytes).  Second, by creating opportunities for them to participate in their own Formation (through Christian Education).  And third, by inviting them into Mission (through working with marginalized communities/mission trips/outreach to the community).  Worship. Formation. Mission.  “What we win our youth with is what we win them to.”  Our vision is to form them not into just having fun (although you can be sure we do that!!!), but rather to show them how to be fully human as they worship God, are formed into the likeness of Christ, and live out the mission of God.  Contact Fr Jacob Bottom at jacobbottom@stdavidsdenton.org for more info, or visit our Facebook Page.  Our Youth Group will resume meeting in the Fall, but are active throughout the summer in missions trips and other activities.