Commitment Sunday: May 19th, 2019




RISE is an invitation to respond to the work God is already accomplishing at St. David’s by providing for a 325-seat sanctuary capable of seating our current parish family and those God continues to bring into our fellowship.  On an average Sunday, parishioners and guests at our 10:30 service are forced to sit in the Narthex because there is no room for them in the sanctuary.  For special services, the overflow extends into the Parish Hall.

We recognize that there is something beautiful and unique about St. David’s — something St. David’s has to offer Denton — it’s why we are here, and why more and more desire to call this parish their home.  As we respond to the growth God is bringing us, we have the opportunity to lay the foundation for current and future generations to come to know Jesus as Savior and follow him as Lord.  We have the opportunity right now to RISE so that we can truly become what we call ourselves: a church for Denton.


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View from Ector Street

View from Scripture Street

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