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Vacation Bible School 2017

Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, Built for a Purpose

Mark your calendars for Vacation Bible School this summer during the week of June 12th – June 16th. Whether you are young or old, male or female, new to St. David’s or a long-time member, we have a place for you to lend your talents, time or treasure for Vacation Bible School at St. David’s.


We are…

Rooted in History.



Cardinal Virtue: Fortitude

by Fr Bottom, Curate A Word re: The Virtues Most of us are aware of the seven deadly sins, I think largely due to the motion picture Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. They are as follows: pride, covetousness, lust, wrath, gluttony, envy, and sloth. But there are seven virtues far more beautiful and far more interesting than the well-known sins; there are three Theological Virtues - Faith, Hope, and Love; and four Cardinal Virtues - Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, and Justice. Notice the four Cardinal Virtues depicted as children under the supervision and care of the three Theological Virtues. To speak

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Temperance. Wait, what?

by Jesse Davis, Sr Warden Wasn’t Temperance that lady from The Crucible? You know, “I saw Goody Temperance cavorting with a black cat!” Isn’t it the same thing as abstention and Prohibition? Temperance is a six dollar word for moderation or restraint. For millennia, a wide variety of cultures have regarded it as a virtue. Great thinkers from the Buddha to Benjamin Franklin (not to mention Solomon, Plato, and St. Thomas Aquinas) extolled Temperance as essential to a good and moral life. Just like we learned as kids with belly aches the day after Halloween—too much of a good thing

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Second Annual Memorial Day Crawfish Boil!

Last year's inaugural boil was such a success, we're making it a tradition. Join us Monday May 29th and be honorary cajuns for a day! There will be music from local bluegress legends Boxcar Bandits, activities for the kids, beverages, plenty of crawfish, and hot dogs for the mudbug-averse, or just for filler if your fingers get tired. It happens. Tickets are $10 a person, $5 for kids and veterans (Memorial Day!), and $25 for a whole family for all-you-can-eat. Feel free to BYOB and other provisions as needed. Bring family and friends and take some time to relax

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Values, Vision & Mission

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Core Values


Godly Servant Leadership

Bible-Centered Preaching & Teaching

Intercessory Prayer


Our Vision (The “goal”)

Our vision is to be rooted in God’s Word & Sacraments, growing disciples in Jesus Christ, and sharing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission (The “roadmap”)

To experience and share the beauty of Christ’s holiness, through historic worship, biblical discipleship, and faithful mission.

What does our logo mean?

We’re glad you asked! Our logo is all about the theme of rootedness. It has 3 roots, communicating our rootedness in the Triune God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), but also the three roots to communicate our rootedness (1) in Christ , (2) in the History/Traditions of the Church, and (3) in Denton (& North Texas), a place we love and seek to serve.  The tree reminds us that the story of the Bible is our story, and this is a story wrapped up in trees: a tree speaking to the brokenness of our world (the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” see Genesis 2), a tree speaking to our hope and renewal (the “Tree of Life, “Revelation 22), and that our Lord Jesus Christ came and gave his life on still another tree (or cross, Galatians 3:13) so that we may live the kind of fully human life he embodied, a life of loving God and loving neighbor.  It has 7 dark green leaves for the 7 sacraments, which are central to our common life as a Church. Finally, the chalice is central, communicating that the Eucharist is what makes us into the Body of Christ, the Church (1 Cor. 10:16).