In these short films we hope to give you an authentic glimpse into who we are.



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Vacation Bible School 2017

Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, Built for a Purpose

Mark your calendars for Vacation Bible School this summer during the week of June 12th – June 16th. Whether you are young or old, male or female, new to St. David’s or a long-time member, we have a place for you to lend your talents, time or treasure for Vacation Bible School at St. David’s.


We are…

Rooted in History.



A Reflection on Transcendental Goodness

By Callie Stiewig God is good all the time, all the time God is good. You know the chorus. I have always believed this for as long as I have had conscious memories to serve me. Some people are believers, others aren't. Some see the sun rise over the horizon and think "beauty", others think "God". I've always been in the both/and camp. I'm a believer. I can't help it. God has always been an assumption to me. I grew up in a conservative Roman Catholic parish. I am fully connected with “smells and bells” in my heart and mind.

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On Beauty and Resurrection

By Britt Herrington There is a famous line in Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot: “Beauty will save the world.” What does this mean? Does it hold any weight, or should we simply discard it as a sentimental platitude? It is my hope that in the musings that follow, we can push into these questions and perhaps arrive at some meaningful understanding. During this first week of the Paschal Season, I have been meditating on resurrection. This is something I do especially at this time of year because the story of Easter is so familiar to me that I do not want

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Respect is a Pillar of Our Faith, and a ‘Pillow’ for Rest

By Dick Wells, Jr. Warden Yes, this is a commentary on the topic of rest in that we can help our inner selves rest better with the knowledge that we have truly and freely practiced respect. A major part of living a Christian life is simply to act openly and honestly with respect. That is, respect for God’s gifts and God’s people. We can and should show respect within our Parish as well as in our other daily activities. It means walking the walk as well as talking the talk as we practice what Jesus taught us: “So in everything,

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Values, Vision & Mission

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Core Values


Godly Servant Leadership

Bible-Centered Preaching & Teaching

Intercessory Prayer


Our Vision (The “goal”)

Our vision is to be rooted in God’s Word & Sacraments, growing disciples in Jesus Christ, and sharing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission (The “roadmap”)

To experience and share the beauty of Christ’s holiness, through historic worship, biblical discipleship, and faithful mission.

What does our logo mean?

We’re glad you asked! Our logo is all about the theme of rootedness. It has 3 roots, communicating our rootedness in the Triune God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), but also the three roots to communicate our rootedness (1) in Christ , (2) in the History/Traditions of the Church, and (3) in Denton (& North Texas), a place we love and seek to serve.  The tree reminds us that the story of the Bible is our story, and this is a story wrapped up in trees: a tree speaking to the brokenness of our world (the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” see Genesis 2), a tree speaking to our hope and renewal (the “Tree of Life, “Revelation 22), and that our Lord Jesus Christ came and gave his life on still another tree (or cross, Galatians 3:13) so that we may live the kind of fully human life he embodied, a life of loving God and loving neighbor.  It has 7 dark green leaves for the 7 sacraments, which are central to our common life as a Church. Finally, the chalice is central, communicating that the Eucharist is what makes us into the Body of Christ, the Church (1 Cor. 10:16).